Septima – Deluxe Edition (German Edition)

Please note that this is the German version of the game!

Septima is a competitive, highly interactive strategy game of witchcraft. As the leader of your coven, you must prove your worth in the town of Noctenburg to become the successor of Septima, the High Witch. Practice your craft and gain Wisdom by collecting herbs, brewing potions, healing the townsfolk, mastering charms and rescuing your fellow brothers and sisters from the trials. But beware: magic, even if used for good, invokes suspicion in the townsfolk...

The Deluxe Edition is the Kickstarter version of Septima, it includes:

  • Standalone solo mode
  • Shapeshifting and Omens expansion
  • 120+ silkscreen printed wooden components
  • 40 silkscreen printed wooden meeples
  • 130+ cards
  • 140+cardboard tokens
  • 32 character tiles
  • 16 plastic crystals
  • 4 plastic markers
  • 2 unique dice
  • 7  boards
  • 1 printed cloth bag
  • 7 plastic trays from Gametrayz


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