Anachrony - Enamel Pin Badge
7.97 € 7.97 € 7.97 EUR

Size: 30 mm
Fixing: Rubber Clutch
Metal Color: High Polish Silver

Anachrony - Enamel Pin Badge Set
14.99 € 14.99 € 14.99 EUR

A set of four enamel pins.

Size of the pins: 30 mm
Fixing: Rubber Clutch
Metal Color: High Polish Silver

Anachrony - Essential Edition
61.88 € 61.88 € 61.88 EUR
Command mighty Exosuits, traverse Time Rifts and lead your Path through a cataclysmic future in this epic board game for 2-4 players. The Essential Edition of Anachrony includes only the base game and does not include any other modules, expansions or miniatures.

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Anachrony - Classic Expansion Pack
39.27 € 39.27 € 39.27 EUR
The Classic Expansion Pack includes the Doomsday module (previously released in Anachrony Base Box), the Pioneers of New Earth module (previously released in the Exosuit Commander Pack) and the Guardians of the Council module with 6 over-sized (55 mm tall) Guardian Exosuit miniatures (previously released in the Exosuit Commander Pack).

Anachrony - Classic Expansion Pack is not a standalone game. It requires Anachrony - Essential Edition to play.

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Anachrony - Fractures of Time
49.98 € 49.98 € 49.980000000000004 EUR
Anachrony's first big-box expansion features new game mechanics, a new Path with 6x super-sized (55mm) miniatures, a new Worker type, a new location, and a reworked Solo mode.

Fractures of Time is an expansion, it requires the Anachrony Base Game or the Essential Edition to play.

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Anachrony - Future Imperfect
29.75 € 29.75 € 29.75 EUR

Future Imperfect is a modular expansion for Anachrony, with three new modules expanding the time travel mechanism and the player interaction.

  • Hypersync module
  • Quantum Loops module
  • Intrigues of the Council module 

The three modules are playable on their own, but they are also compatible with each other and most past Anachrony modules and expansions. 

Future Imperfect is an expansion, it requires the Anachrony Base Game or the Essential Edition to play. 

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Anachrony - Exosuit Miniatures Set
45.22 € 45.22 € 45.22 EUR

The Exosuit Miniatures Set adds 24 super-sized (55 mm tall) Exosuit miniatures to Anachrony, replacing the cardboard Exosuit hex tiles.

This product does not include any gameplay-related content, only the miniatures.

Anachrony - Big Box
49.98 € 49.98 € 49.980000000000004 EUR
A large box that is the same size as the Anachrony Infinity Box. Includes a modular plastic tray system to store the base game and all expansion content, and a tray manual that helps with the sorting.

The box does not contain any gameplay content.
Anachrony - Metal Cubes Set 80 pcs
30.94 € 30.94 € 30.94 EUR

A set of 80 Metal Resource cubes in four colors:

  • 15 Neutronium Metal cubes (purple)
  • 20 Gold metal cubes (yellow) 
  • 20 Uranium metal cubes (green)
  • 25 Titanium metal cubes (grey)
Anachrony - Resin Energy Source Pack
30.94 € 30.94 € 30.94 EUR

Power up and Blink your game with 64 painted, high-quality Flux and Energy cores!


  • 40 painted resin Flux cores
  • 24 painted resin Energy cores
Anachrony - Resin + Heat Transfer Pack
24.99 € 24.99 € 24.990000000000002 EUR

A Resin Tile-set for Anachrony, replacing the cardboard Paradox tokens, warp tiles, and the Morale and Time Travel tracker markers for the base game and the Fractures of Time expansion.


  • 55 high-quality printed plastic Warp Tiles
  • 12 plastic paradox tiles
  • 4-4 resin morale and time travel markers
Anachrony - Update Pack
5.36 € 5.36 € 5.36 EUR

Includes rebalanced Evacuation boards and Leader fixes with revamped artwork and compatibility with the Fractures of Time expansion.

  • 2x Dual-sided Path Boards (Progress and Salvation)
  • 4x2 Leader cards
  • 1x Appendix Cards 

The Update Pack is for the Base Box edition of Anachrony (Leader or Follower Box). If you have the Essential Edition, the Anachrony Infinity Box, or the Infinity Upgrade Pack, you already own the components of this Update Pack.

Anachrony - Promo Pack
9.52 € 9.52 € 9.52 EUR

A promo pack with all past Anachrony promo content for the true collectors!

  • The Sentry Post location card
  • 4 extra Superprojects
  • The Doomsday Enhancement Pack with 10 additional cards for the Doomsday module 

Not part of the Infinity Box!

Anachrony - Plastic Water Drop Set
5.36 € 5.36 € 5.36 EUR

A set of 30 Plastic Water Drops in two colors:

  • 20x light blue plastic Water Drops
  • 10x dark blue plastic Water Drops
Anachrony - Plastic Resource Cube Set
5.36 € 5.36 € 5.36 EUR

A set of 80 plastic Resource Cubes in four colors

  • 15 Neutronium plastic cubes (purple)
  • 20 Gold plastic cubes (yellow)
  • 20 Uranium plastic cubes (green)
  • 25 Titanium plastic cubes (grey) 

If you have the Infinity Box or the Essential Edition, you already own this cube set.